Parking Occupancy Detection Using a Camera

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Precise accuracy of free/occupied parking space detection reaches 99.7%.

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Time interval for evaluating parking occupancy. Every 30 seconds a camera image is acquired and evaluated.


With a well-placed camera, we are able to monitor up to 100 parking spaces with one camera.


Discover the main features that make Parkinto your go-to smart parking tool

Parking Solutions for Anywhere!

Discover how Parkinto works in different places like city streets, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, harbors, and gas stations.

Municipal Parking

Parkinto's occupancy detection helps cities manage parking, increase income, and make informed decisions

Hotel Parking

Parkinto lets hotels offer parking reservations with occupancy and license plate detection.

Shopping Mall Parking

Parkinto helps malls detect unwanted parking for improved customer service.

Office Park Parking

Parkinto helps optimize office parking spots through accurate usage measurement.


Parkinto provides marina management with automated billing and control.

Gas/Recharge Station

Parkinto optimizes gas and recharge station parking, enhancing service and preventing illegal parking.

Our works

Explore real-life examples of how our smart parking solutions are making a difference in various locations.

Our process

Discover how we work with you step by step to make sure your parking lot is monitored. Our process is simple and designed to meet your needs.
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    Start by signing up for our administrative portal, Parkinto. First, registration is quick and easy, allowing you immediate access to manage your parking lot.

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    Installation HW

    Next, install the cameras and connect them to the internet. For example, you can do this yourself or with help from our partner. Moreover, it's the second step in getting your parking lot monitored, and we're here to guide you if you need assistance.

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    Parking Setup

    Set up your parking sites and individual lots easily with our user-friendly online Parkinto portal. For instance, you can do it yourself without any special skills. Moreover, the process is straightforward, ensuring you can manage everything efficiently.

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    Start monitoring your parking lot occupancy. With everything set up, our system begins detecting and tracking the availability of parking spaces in real-time. As a result, you can manage parking efficiently with up-to-date information.

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Pricing plans and options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you. Enjoy a 2-week FREE trial. You will be charged only after the trial period ends and only for the time used.

/ Per camera monthly
2 week FREE trial
Occupancy detection
License Plate Detection
Administration application
Checking the current parking state (REST API)
Notification about the current parking state (Webhooks API)
Visualization on the user map
Start for FREE
Statistics (Extension)
/ Per parking site monthly
Continuous Statistical Insights
Hourly Data Aggregation
Spot-Specific Data Collection
End-of-Month Data Summary

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Do I need any specialized camera?

No, you don’t. Almost any IP camera is suitable. The Parkinto system works only with image data. However, if you’re unsure which camera to choose, a type that suffices for the vast majority of uses is, for example, the Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I.

2. What is the minimal resolution of the camera?

There is no lower limit for the resolution. We have successfully completed a project using an old VGA (640×480) camera. However, we recommend using at least HD resolution (1280×720).

3. Can I use already installed cameras?

Yes, you can. The camera must be static, and you are required to provide access to the current image data.

4. What about GDPR and privacy policy?

The Parkinto system is designed in accordance with GDPR. Compliance is confirmed by ÚOOÚ (, the local authority responsible for GDPR and personal data protection in the Czech Republic. No image data is persistently stored or archived.

5. Can I integrate data about occupancy into my application or system?

Yes. We provide a documented REST API and webhook for asynchronous notifications.

6. Do you provide electronic signs to display parking site status?

Not directly. We provide an API for the integration of signs from any manufacturer. We are fully integrated with the Czech manufacturer Tetronik (

7. What is the price?

Pricing follows a subscription model (SaaS), with payments based on a monthly fee per camera. See our current price list. For larger projects, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department at

8. Can I try your solution for free?

Yes, we offer a 2-week FREE trial license. After the trial period, you will be charged only for the given amount of time used. You can terminate the license at any time.

9. Do you provide any service after the installation?

Yes, our service desk is available from 9 AM to 5 PM CET on business days.

10. How accurate is your solution?

According to a measurement taken two years ago by the Czech Technical University, the accuracy was 99.4%. Since then, there has been significant improvement in the technology, and we currently operate at around 99.7% accuracy.

11. Where is the service developed and operated?

Our service is developed in the Czech Republic. The operation of the service is conducted not only in the Czech Republic but also in Belgium. Both countries are part of the European Union and comply with its laws, including the GDPR.

12. How to position the camera to recognize all parking spaces?

The main rule is this: if you can recognize the occupancy with your own eyes from that position, then our Parkinto service can do it as well.

Client Reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers or partners.
Aleš Kerner


One of the main goals of our organization is to support technological development. Therefore, we cooperate with Smartiple on a joint project for car parking occupancy detection. The results have far exceeded our expectations.
Tomas Kejzlar

ICT Team Leader

We tested the Parkinto system for a long time and were surprised by the ease of data integration into our third-party systems.
Øyvind Stokseth

Head of Innovation and Smart City, Halden municipality

Halden Municipality aims to be highly innovative. This solution contributes to the municipality's ability to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions to a greater extent.
Fabian Walter

Business Development Manager, Walter AG

I really like how simple your solution is. You can quickly deploy the solution and show it to customers. Your solutions seem to have high precision right out of the box.
Stanislav Mudrak


We were apprehensive at the beginning of the project, but we were pleasantly surprised by the prompt installation, smooth integration, and accurate detection.
Josef Daněk

Founder, ANTHONYapp

We have recently established a collaboration with Smartiple in the field of intelligent transportation. Although this collaboration has been brief so far, it is greatly beneficial to us and fits perfectly into our company's strategy. We are very satisfied with the services and flexibility in communication.

Our partners can help with hardware installation and setup.

Our partners

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