Project Overview

In the town of Sulgen, Switzerland, we worked with our partner Walter AG on a special project. We set up a system on the parking lot next to their main building. It’s not just for showing off; it helps the company’s workers every day. Thanks to our system, employees now know where to park every day. They can see which spots are free and which are taken, making parking easier for everyone.

“I’m also testing an alternative solution. I really like how simple your solution is. You can quickly deploy the solution and show it to customers. I haven’t made a detailed comparison, but your solutions seem to have a higher precision out of the box.

The other solution seems to train Neural Network specifically for every parking field. It starts with a pre-trained model and optimizes it. The user or the solution provider can label wrongly detected parking spots to achieve improvements. I don’t know the long-term precision, but your solution is better right out of the box, and it is easier.

The other solution has additional features with recording images and parking space occupation, a lot of statistics including estimated earnings (if the parking spots are paid), reserving parking spots, how long a parking spot was occupied and sending out emails if a car stays too long (e.g. for sending out a person to hand out fines) . These features could be interesting for other customers, but we (as a system integrator) would rarely use it.”
Fabian Walter, Business Development Manager, Walter AG

  • Car detection
  • Office park parking
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