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Occupancy Detection with AI

We use AI to check if parking spots are taken or free. If something is in a parking spot, we know it's taken. We mark these spots on camera images. If an item's center is inside a parking spot's area, the spot is taken. If not, it's free.

What We Can Detect

We recognize two main groups: ``vehicles`` and ``boats``. ``Vehicles`` includes cars, bikes, motorcycles, vans, and trucks. For ``boats``, we identify motorboats, sailboats, and small watercraft.

Verified Precision

Two years ago, the Czech Technical University tested us and found 99.4% accuracy. We've since improved, and now we're around 99.7% accurate.

Checking All the Time

We look at the parking spots often, every 30 seconds, to be exact. This helps us keep the information updated and accurate for everyone. Whether a car arrives or leaves, we'll know in half a minute.

More Cameras for Big Areas

Big or tricky parking places? No worries. We use more than one camera. Sometimes, more cameras look at one spot. The camera that is sure of what it sees is trusted. When many cameras watch one place, all cameras look at the same time.

Cloud-Based System

Secure, Fast, and Always Online
Our Home in the Cloud

Parkinto works in the cloud. This means we use a big group of servers to run it. These servers work together, so if one has a problem, others keep going. Our servers are in Belgium and the Czech Republic. They're fast and always connected to the internet.

Camera Connection

From our cloud, we regularly try to get camera pictures. The customer's cameras need to be online and connect with HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or RTSP.

Using the Parkinto API

Customers can ask about the parking lot status using our API (with an HTTP GET request). Or, after every detection, we can send the parking lot status to them (with an HTTP POST request).

Uses New or Your Existing Cameras

Flexible with Any Static Camera Setup

Best Camera Placement

It's a good idea to put cameras as high as possible. Often on buildings or tall poles. There's a simple rule for placing cameras: if you can look at the camera's picture and tell which spots are taken, then our system can do it too.

Resolution Details

The best picture quality for our system is 1280x720. But, we also work with cameras that have 640x480 quality.

Need a Camera Suggestion?

If you're not sure about what camera to use, we can suggest one. For example, the Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I is a good choice.

Easy Installation and Integration

Quick Setup, Smooth Experience
  • Registration
  • Installation HW
  • Parking Setup


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